Siblings fight at some point in their lives. Whatever the reason behind their bickering, it’s almost inevitable for siblings with clashing personalities to quarrel.

However, after everything’s said and done, both siblings make up. And, just like the adorable dog in a viral video, a hug is all that one needs to make amends.

Did you eat your brother’s food?

In a viral video, one can see two dogs lying on a carpeted floor. One pooch has brown fur; the other has pure white.

Nothing looked out of the ordinary until Mom started interrogating the white-furred dog named Watson.

The moment Mom started asking Watson if he ate his brother Kiko’s food, the pooch started looking down at the floor. Even without words, the pooch’s actions gave away his guilty conscience.

I’m sorry, Mom.

Mom continued with her interrogation despite Watson’s blatant admission over his misdemeanor. Though Mom didn’t raise her voice at Watson, the dog continued to look at her like he’s ready to burst into tears at any moment.

And, to further add salt to the wound, Mom called Watson a naughty puppy!

It looks like Watson’s doomed with some upcoming punishment as he sadly looks at Mom. It’s as if he’s trying to ask Mom if there’s anything he can do to make up for his mistake.

Say sorry to your brother, Watson.

Mom somehow understood Watson’s motive. As such, Mom immediately ordered Watson to approach Kiko and apologize for his wrongdoing.

At first, Watson seemed hesitant with approaching Kiko. However, with Mom’s constant prompts, the pooch finally made his way towards his brother.

With all the sincerity he could muster, Watson immediately placed his head over Kiko’s head – and even wrapped his furry paws around his brother. Judging by the scenario, Watson’s genuinely sorry for what he did and hopes that Kiko would forgive him.

But, do you think Kiko forgave Watson for stealing his food? Check out the ending in the video below to find out.

Video Credit: TableSalt Studio via YouTube


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