In 2002 Animal Planet came out with the show “Pet Psychic” which featured Sonya Fitzpatrick, a psychic who claims she can communicate with a variety of animals. This is a concept that is starting to become popular again and more and more people are turning to pet psychics and animal communicators to help them understand their pets.

A pet psychic or an animal communicator is someone who is able to facilitate communication between you and your pet by linking with them psychically.

People reach to pet psychics for all different reasons, some want to understand their pet’s behavioral problems, form a closer bond with their animal, and others want to address specific issues or questions they may have.


Ultimately, people want to understand their pets on a much deeper level.

Famous Pet Psychics

Sonya Fitzpatrick has become one of the most trusted pet psychics and animal communicators in the world. She has become an expert in the field after helping many animals and owners. Not only did Sonya appear on Animal Planet, she hosts a popular radio show called Animal Intuition.

During this show she allows dog owners to call in and discuss issues they may be having with their animals. She is a three-time author and she does private readings for clients who want to improve their relationship with their animals.

For the past thirty years she has provided the world with workshops, in person sessions, and seminars. According to Lori she describes animals as surprisingly intelligent and emotionally complex. She says “They’re a lot like people in animals bodies.

During her sessions, animals remember events from long in the past. They experience and vocalize emotions and reflect on their feelings”.

Lori Spagna is another California based Pet Psychic and she has given a great explanation as to how pet communication actually works. According to Lori, being a pet psychic isn’t about reading minds it is translating what animals are already communicating into something us as humans can better understand.

Lori believes that this is something that is learned but many people don’t take the time to develop and mature the skill. “It takes a whole weekend course just to learn the basics and a lifetime to really develop and mature it.

Training yourself to communicate with animals is a lot like going to the gym and we all have muscles, but it’s our decision whether or not to work on them” says Lori. In essence we all have the ability to communicate with animals.

Multiple pet psychics have described the experience as one not having to do with language. Many times, animals will communicate with pictures, smells, sounds and hunches.

Animals tend to communicate in the best way they know how. An animal psychic will take the pictures, the sounds, and the smells and form it into language (for human understanding).


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