Dog fashion has always been a hot topic in the dog community. Most people don’t bat an eye when they see a Chihuahua dressed in a pink dress or a Maltese in a sweater. Movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Legally Blonde have added to the fad of dressing up your dog.

Accessorizing your dog has become “cute” and fun. This is something that is okay when done responsibly, such as using a sweater during winter months. Over the past few years we have seen an up rise in dog fashion and accessories, one of the newest trends is dying your dog’s fur.

As this trend has taken off it has harmed many animals in the making and has become almost fatal for certain dogs. Just because the internet has cute pictures of Chow-Chows resembling a panda bear or Pomeranians that are purple does not mean this is a good or smart idea.


Unfortunately, social media trends are being followed blindly without any regard to what actually happens to a dog’s fur when it is dyed.

Hair Dye is Strictly for Humans:

When you get your hair dyed it is formatted for human hair. Box hair color and other salon hair colors have been tested for human hair. There have been no “doggie hair dyes” that have been created because there are no healthy studies performed on the long-term effects of hair dyes on dogs.

Humans have reported hair damage after dying their hair (especially if bleach is used) so dying a dog’s hair can have even more complications. A dog’s fur is delicate, and they need to be groomed in a specific way, they are groomed based on their hair type and breed.

A dog’s skin is very sensitive and does not react well to chemicals, especially chemicals found in hair dye (for example: hydrogen Peroxide or Ammonia). Most veterinarians and groomers only recommend skin safe shampoo for dogs that include soothing ingredients such as oatmeal.

If you were to apply hydrogen peroxide or Ammonia to a dog’s skin, you would dry out their skin and possibly create more damage in the process.

Dangers of Hair Dye:

According to one of the leaders of PETA, India Poorva Joshipura “Dying an animal’s fur can cause the animal stress and can lead to complications or allergic reactions that may put the animal’s health in danger. Dogs and cats love their human companions, regardless of how we look.

Why not extend the same kindness to them? Animals are gorgeous as they are.” Regardless of your feelings about PETA this statement could not be more true. Animals are beautiful as they are and we are doing them an injustice if we are knowingly damaging their fur for our own personal style preference.

Hair color (even using food coloring) is dangerous to a dog’s health. Not only do dogs have sensitive skin, but they lick their coats and these chemicals can be toxic when ingested. These chemicals can cause a dog to have vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.

You are risking the dye getting into your dog’s eyes, mouth, and ears. This is a process that harms the dog physically and psychologically. An animal cannot understand or comprehend why their fur is being dyed and they have no control over this process.


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Cathy D. Evans
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