Not all dog owners know how to treat their dogs properly. Dogs are meant to be a part of the family. When we adopt dogs, we’re taking on considerable responsibility.

Feeding our dogs and giving them water aren’t the only things we should do for our dogs. Dogs are social animals that need love from their families, and we need to treat them like we would treat our loved ones. Some dog owners tend to leave their dogs in the yard and never even spend time with them.

Laura Seymour was driving by a neighborhood when she came across a large dog named Takia. Laura noticed that Takia was tied to a tree and seemed to have been neglected by her owner. Takia slept on the mud by the tree, which is exceptionally cruel for anyone to do to a dog.


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Despite Takia’s condition, Laura noticed that Takia was the happiest dog she ever saw. Whenever Laura came over to visit, Takia would enthusiastically greet her. Eventually, Laura made it a habit to visit Takia three times a week to give her pets and cuddles and food plus clean water to drink.

Laura eventually fell in love with Takia and wanted to take Takia away from her miserable life. Laura even called animal control to report Takia’s poor living conditions. However, as long as Takia had a dog house and that she was given adequate food and water, Laura was informed that there was nothing they could do.

Laura was persistent and called the animal shelter again during the summer months. She knew that Takia wouldn’t be able to survive in the outside heat. The next day, animal control called Laura to inform her that Takia’s owners decided to surrender Takia and asked Laura if she knew anyone who would take Takia.

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Without batting an eye, Laura offered to take Takia. Now, Takia is finally with a family that loves and cares for her. Laura is a fantastic person who never gave up on Takia and cared for her for over a year by bringing Takia food and love.

According to  Laura, she feels so lucky to adopt such a sweet and loving dog. Takia is now living a great life with her new mom, and she never has to live outdoors again. Here’s a heartwarming video about how Laura never gave up on saving the life of a neglected dog.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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